Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bronx Pizza - San Diego CA

Let's get ready to rumble! After eating our way thru the B side players of the pizza world in San Diego we decided it was time to start the season off right with a trip to the Bronx. Bronx pizza that is in San Diego. Voted numerous times over and over again by everyone from here to the actual Bronx in New York City.

I have been to the Bronx in New York and have eaten pizza in New York, but never the Bronx here in San Diego. So I knew of New York pizza and agreed with everyone from New York that, yes. New York had the best pizza around. I didn't believe that, I did not want to believe that. Especially hearing all these years about how New York pizza is the best. blah blah blah. Well. It is. the quality and abundance of pizza houses in New York is astounding. and the majority are excellent. There is nothing like strolling along Manhattan on a late night and walking into a place and ordering up a slice or two.

Could this concept be duplicated here in Southern California? I had heard of the phony Bronx attitude they put on at Bronx pizza here in town. And I knew that attitude thing was really a myth, a stereotype. Actually New Yorkers are the nicest people. Granted they can be loud. and that can be mistaken for rude at times. Anyway. Taylor and I strolled into Bronx pizza after the lunch rush around 2PM on a Monday afternoon.

Walked up to the counter and ordered 2 slices of the pepperoni and a coke special. $6.00. No hassle, no problem, no phony attitude. Like New York pizza. the workers have a nice crust to them. a personality that we in Southern California lack anyway. we are a homogenized group.

They popped our two slices of pie in the oven and we filled our cup with soda. This place was still packed from lunch and more people coming in.

But soon our order was up. "Two slices, pepperoni!" That was us. By the way the counter filled with pizza's was just a beautiful site. Filled with every kind of pizza you can think of. And the white cheese is ricotta not feta by the way. Italian, not foofy SoCal. This is manly pizza the stuff that massive coronaries are made of.

We grabbed our slices and examined them like the apes from 2001 sniffing out a monolith. it looked like the real thing? But the ultimate question was. Was it good pizza. Remember we are not here looking for New York style or Chicago style. But the best.

It was thin and runny with oil dripping off of it. Our taste buds were watering like a Homer Simpson looking at a fresh box of Krispy Kreme's. The crust was a bit more crisp than I would have thought it to be. But nice and fresh tasting. Nice bite of flour. No corn meal. but very crisp and clean tasting. it folded very well into that NY style. In fact it was the only way you could eat it. The pepperoni had actual taste to it. slightly salty and peppery. and oh my, very greasy. the sign of pepperoni nirvana. Check out the grease coming off this slice.

I have to say that so far this pizza is the best we have had in San Diego. Despite the greasy pepperoni. Which we like. it was light and airy and it knew just what to do. These are large pieces of pie and you can still wolf down two of them no problem. A large whole pie to go starts at $12.50!
Bargain believe me.
So comin out swingin is the Bronx bomber making it's debut at number one on the Quest for the best pizza list. and going to be hard to beat.
Bronx Pizza
111 Washington Street
San Diego Ca


KirkK said...

I was wondering when you'd to Bronx! Nice work so far.....

Taylor, Michael and Sue said...

Thanks Kirk! we are on a roll now. We have a lot more pizza to eat! I am feeling fatter and happier everyday.


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