Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Salumi - Seattle Washington

Salumi in Italian means cured meat and predominately made from pork. And this little hole in the wall deli on Third Avenue in Seattle is the Vatican of all things cured.

Located in an older part of downtown Seattle and owned by Gina Batali, the sister of "Molto Mario" Batali of the food network and the dream of their father Armandino Batali, who had studied the craft of how to cure meat products while working in Italy.

Let me tell you something here. Stop reading this and either get on a plane or call Gina up and get some of this stuff immediately! I mean the product that this place has is of amazing taste and quality. You will become addicted and no pun intended. there will be no cure for you after one bite of any of they're product.

The place is open 11am to 4pm and the line starts to form really early. it is a very small narrow deli with one door and people squeeze in an out of this place from the time it opens to the time closes. Most leave with eyes glazed over clutching they're artisan cured meats as they make their way back through the line and out onto the street.

The Finocchiona Salami is unreal and after one taste you will understand why this is the biggest seller here.

Made with cracked black pepper and fennel seeds with a touch of curry. Thinly sliced onto a fresh roll that has been slathered with an Olive Oil and garlic preparation. The texture of the salami is perfect. at first bite of a wafer thin slice you feel it almost melt in your mouth, creamy and not real chewy. you taste the cracked black pepper and fennel seeds and then the slight hint of curry enters the picture towards the end. Rounded out by the Olive Oil and garlic spread.

Have your cardiologists phone number handy, because you are going to want to try another one.

They also have an interesting version of Lamb Prosciutto. I have never seen nor tasted this one before. anywhere. It is a house specialty here at Salumi and from what Gina told me it took awhile for them to come up with the recipe.

Sliced wafer thin as all fine cured meats should be the Lamb had a slight lamb gaminess to it. Which of course for those who like lamb love. funny, you either like lamb or you don't. This one was very creamy in texture and definitely just melted in your mouth like an Italian lamb M&M.

It is a beautiful shade of light red and would go excellently with a big bold red wine, some big flavor cheeses and of course some crusty bread.

All of the meats are cured right here on the premises and most are hung up to cure and dry in a glass humidifier that you have to walk by as you stand in line.

So, like I said before. Run don't walk to this place and after one taste you will be calling Gina every week for another fix of Salumi's Artisan Cured Meats.



309 Third Ave South
Seattle WA 98104



KirkK said...

Hi Michael - Nice post and photos. I've attempted to visit Salumi several times, but have always been deterred by the huge crowds and long lines.

Taylor, Michael and Sue said...

Hi Kirk, As always thank you for the kind words. When I visited Salumi I was very lucky to arrive just before opening. and got in quickly. They are really nice people and love to talk food. It can be a bit pricey, but you have to remember how high the quality is. And thank you so much for alowing my very humble site to be included as a link on yours.


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