Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ready set go!

And we are off!

Hello and thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at our new blog. We are a family who loves eating, cooking and discussing all aspects of culinary delights.

In this blog we will post reviews of eating establishments mainly around the Southern California area. We will post our family recipes, our comments on local eateries and places we travel and eat. we love dives and local haunts as well as the large established places. We will discuss wine, beer and food and of course food.

We will all post our ideas, recipes and thoughts as our individual tastes vary. So, you will see postings by me, my wife Sue and son Taylor. Should be interesting.

Every year we define a culinary quest. This year the quest is an old one. but usually a hotly disputed one. in the past we have poured through San Diego County trying to find the best Margarita. or hacked our way through the island of Kauai to find the best Mai Tai. We found both by the way and will write about them in coming weeks. You local SoCal folks might be surprised at who we awarded the best Margarita too.

OK, back to this years quest. really tough one. to find the best pizza in Southern California!

I know I know. We have seen the lists that come out every year by the local paper and it usually has the same names in the top 10.

Well we are to tackle this quest with the same hunger and excitement but maybe not the same thirst as last years quest.

In defining this quest we had to ask ourselves a few basic questions.

1. Are we going to lump together all places that serve pizza in this quest or will we separate them and rank them by places that just serve pizza and the usual red sauce Italian restaurants.


All lumped together.

2. Area of quest.


San Diego County all the way to Orange County. We will review LA pizza places at a later date.

We invite you all to comment and guide us, so tell us your favorite pizza place and we will add it to our list of competitors.

Thanks and remember to always Live Love and EAT!


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