Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Mad Greek - Baker Ca

100 Miles outside of Las Vegas and it's 116 degrees. Off in the distance is the town of Baker California. I have spent a week in Las Vegas and am tired, hot and hungry as I drive back to San Diego. This town is in the middle of nowhere and you have to drive past it. no other way around it. The first thing you see of the town as you approach it from a distance is this large outdoor thermometer, in fact it is the largest outdoor thermometer in the world. It thrusts out of the sand like a huge phallic mirage from a dream that Larry Flint would have. jutting towards the sky proclaiming itself as indeed the largest in the world. I felt a stirring of pride build within myself and at the same time a feeling of inadequacy.

The sign at the bottom of this beast states that Baker is the gateway to Death Valley. I don't know about you but I really have no interest in going to any destination that has the word " death" in its name. Ironically this monument is located right next to the Bun Boy Motel.

Wow, what a name for a place. I know that years ago I used to stop at a diner here that was named Bun Boy, But I really can't figure out why anyone would choose to stay at this aptly named place. This is a very eccentric little town, not only is there a mad Greek here but everyone else seems that way as well.

Driving through the town I spotted the Alien Fresh Jerky Stand. OK, We have Phallic monuments, a Motel named Bun Boy, oh the little bun boy is holding a rather large red arrow towards the Motel. Oh yeah and the alien jerky store. Nice. What they say about the desert heat driving people mad must definitely be true.
I drove on through to my destination, The Mad Greek at the same time keeping an eye out for creepy old guys sitting on porches and playing banjos.

And there it was, I have actually eaten here a few times before on my way through. From the outside of the place you can immediately tell that it looks like a Greek rendition of the It's a small world ride at Disneyland, only a much smaller world of course. this boat only goes through Greece. The decor actually looks like what would happen if Bobby Trendy and Liberace got together, smoked crack and then designed a restaurant. I only wish my brother George were here to see it.

This place is usually extremely busy and I mean very busy. It is the consummate tourist trap. there is nothing around you for miles. It was featured recently on the Food Network show Diners Drive-ins and Dives. I know they make they're own shawarma , I had it the last time I ate here. Nothing to write home about. This time I ordered the classic Gyros plate. $9.95 a bit steep I thought for what you get. The plate consists of a scoop of mild flavored fluffy rice, Pita bread, veggies and the must have classic condiment, Tzatziki sauce. Tzatziki sauce is usually made from yogurt, dill and cucumbers and this one at The Mad Greeks is quite good.
The bread was very fresh and moist. The Gyros meat was typical. I mean I don't think anyone really makes this stuff from scratch anymore. It would be a daunting task, especially at a busy place like this. Nice lamb taste. The tomatoes that were on the plate were actually rancid and not edible.

Had to have a cold $4.50 Budweiser to wash the taste out of my mouth. But I knew that I would have to have a Sam Adams later to wash the Bud taste away as well.

This place is actually known for its strawberry shakes. I have never had one. But I will next time I'm on my way through this dusty little town. I will have dessert here in the desert, but will try the Mexican place next door for lunch.

So with a loud shout of Opa! we bid farewell to this eccentric little town.

72112 Baker Blvd
Baker, CA 92309
Phone: (760) 733-4354


KirkK said...

Hey Michael - Welcome back! And not just one, but 2 new posts for us to enjoy.

Michael said...

Hey Kirk - Thanks! I missed throwing my crazy guttural ramblings about food out into cyberspace.
cheers my friend.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty funny, Guy Fieri prattled on and on about how great this place was. What a crock of shit.

Michael said...

Hey CJ, Thanks for chimning in. And sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have been out of town recently. Cheers

Roger said...

Holy crap you're back!

Michael said...

Yup.........Just when you thought it was safe.heeees baaaaack....well sort of...still busy at that day job thing.

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