Saturday, December 4, 2010

La Torta Cafe

If i had a choice of last meals, Man, this place would be a consideration. Mexican taco shop meets deli and does it extremely well. I never understood why places like Subway and the rest of the franchise sandwich places make it. I mean, I don't get the concept of a salad on an air puffed roll with a fly over of cold cuts. Doesn't work for me. But this place does.
The place had it's start more than 10 years ago with a small busy cafe on the main drag in the La Mesa village. They started to expand around this time as well. There used to be one by SDSU.  Then they just disappeared off the map? Until last year when the owner decided to open up again in La Mesa at the site of where  All'Italiana used to be. And it's the same quality and quantity as I remember it to be.

Huge portions on these torta's. Everything has flavor and works well together.

 The bread is where it all starts. It's fresh and light and there to hold the massive sandwich together.
I ordered the Beef Machaca torta. I am a machaca maniac. I can't get enough of this stuff. If done right it is sublime, like a Mexican pot roast, tender and flavorful, and that's how my torta was. just so tender and full of slight chili spices.

The home fries they serve with the sandwiches are very good. and there are a ton of them. I also am a huge fan of the salsa they have in red plastic squirt bottles. very nice stuff. Lot's of thought went into this menu and it shows.

I also like the fact that this place serves grilled chili's as a condiment. they go so well with the torta's.
But the most pleasantly surprising  dish on the menu is the Tortilla Soup. I have never been a fan of this soup. Most places you order it from just destroy it. It's supposed to be a mild broth soup with veggies and beans and tortilla strips placed on top so they soften and melt into the liquid. And the Tortilla Soup at La Torta nails it perfectly. I had heard from a few folks that this is the best soup in town and I'm gonna have to agree it's pretty tasty.

 On a cold day like we have been having here lately this stuff is magic.
Here's a shot of the menu, which has traditional taco shop offerings as well, which are very good, but don't match the sheer perfection of the torta offerings.

So after you put up that Festivas pole, head out to La Torta in La Mesa. You won't be disapointed.



La Torta Cafe
8356 Allison Ave
La Mesa, CA 91941
(619) 741-6230


Dennis K. said...

Hi Michael, wow the torta and potatoes look so good. Gotta check this place out. Yeah I've never been a big fan of Tortilla soup myself but the one you had looks very fresh and great. A festivus for the rest of us!

caninecologne said...

hi michael
now let us perform feats of strength....

i'm not much of a bread person, but i'd eat that torta!!! and those thick cut potatoes looked great too. la mesa has a lot of nice little spots there - i need to explore it more.

Michael said...

Hola cc,

The bread is very light here. and yup, I live in the area, sometimes I gotten gt out more I think.

Mary said...

That looks mighty tasty - the homemade chips look really awesome as well. I'm pretty picky about the bread I get with sandwiches - if the bread isn't good, I usually don't like it!

Michael said...

Hi Mary,
You will love this bread. it's nice and soft and light. works very well.

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