Friday, January 7, 2011

Tobin James Wine

Tobin James 2007 Ballistic Zinfandel is an amazing bargain of a wine. I found this gem at the local wine shop for $17.99 a bottle. I am a huge fan of the red wines that come from the Paso Robles region of the Central coast of California. The reds here tend to be deeply colored and rich mainly because of the intensity of the sun, with fairly bright acidity due to the cool nights.

California’s Central Coast is geologically different from other California wine growing regions. Unlike others with deep, rich fertile valley soils, there are four general soil types in the Paso Robles AVA primarily formed from weathering granite, serpentine, shale and limestone, with shale and limestone being the most predominant bedrock types. Soil diversity is the norm and a vineyard block may commonly contain several different soil types.
I love the rich velvety taste and texture that an old vine zin gives you. Nice acidity makes this a great food wine. It was a touch alcoholic with our lightly spicy food, but well-balanced and elegant afterwards. A good value wine.
 I enjoy most wines at about 13% alcohol as I find of the shelf "bargain" wines are truly no bargain and most have an alcohol content between 12% and 13%.

I f you only enjoy wine on occasion, I believe you owe it to yourself to go to a wine shop and ask questions. You can find great wines under 20 bucks a bottle and this is one of them.

Blackberry jam. it is all about the jam in this bottle
very fruit forward
slight pepper
no spice
Elegant on the tongue
Very slight oak
Cherry cordial thick



Tobin James Winery
8950 Union Road
Paso Robles, California 93446
Tasting Room Hours 10-6 daily


caninecologne said...

hi michael - i knew i'd seen that tobin james label before.! it makes an appearance on my post on 'cucina urbana'. my gbf brought that bottle from home. it's one of his faves.

Michael said...

Oh now that is funny...It is definitely on my short list of good vino.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Michael, I'm not much of a wine buff but dropping in to say Happy New Years! Wow, 15.4% alcohol huh?!

SD Lawyer said...

I just tried this wine three days ago! I'm totally tasting the blackberries and the finish is very long and smooth.

Great find, thanks for the recommendation...

Michael said...

Hi SD Lawyer, It has to be one of the best under 20 bucks a bottle wine out there. Cheers! and thanks for stopping by.

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