Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Dodger Dogs

I had been awaiting this day for years ... my first trip to Dodger Stadium. My first experience with a Dodger Dog which Michael had been boasting about for many a years. I WAS SO LET DOWN!! Of course, hotdogs always taste better at the ballpark. And these Farmer Johns weren't bad, but they certainly weren't what I had anticipated after hearing Michael's assessment. (I didn't think they were much better than our's at Petco Park!)

Being raised on the east coast and every weekend at Shea Stadium watching my Mets, and taking in a Yankees game reluctantly now and then with my Yankee fan friends ... there is no hotdog that compares to a NY hotdog. I will be back at Shea and Yankee Stadium on my trip east at the end of the month to see Tony Gwynn's induction into the Hall of Fame, so I will definitely let you know if those hotdogs are as wonderful as I remember. I bet they will be.

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