Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pink's Hotdog Stand - Los Angeles Ca

When most people think of hot dogs they immediately think of the street corner vendors of New York City. But we on the left coast know that we have some of the greatest hot dog's and hot dog eating establishments in the country and many are right here in Los Angeles. LA might not have vendors with stands on every street corner. But what it does have is the home of the best taco's cooked on mobile trucks that roam the streets like carne asada vending ice cream men. And the best independent hamburger joints anywhere. And a multitude of some of the best Asian restaurants around.

LA's street food has been drastically underrated.

And of course you also have Pinks located on the corner of Melrose and La Brea. Just down the street from the gates of Paramount Pictures. Established in 1939. The same year little Dorothy was being chased by the wicked witch of the west. Both are legendary institutions.

Pink's has been in the same location since it has opened. hundreds of signed photos of the stars line the walls in the building and some even have hot dog's named after them. You just gotta love a place that names a hot dog after Huell Howser and Martha Stewart. Your gonna have to look Huell up if you don't know him. He is almost as legendary in California as Cal Worthington and his dog spot.

Pink's uses a dog made especially for them by that great little California hot dog maker, Hoffy. yup, Hoffy another California company that also makes dogs for the other top dog serving places around Los Angeles, Like Chronis and Cupid's

Pink's is open 24 hours a day and usually has lines around it. But the lines move fast as you yell out your order and by the time you move on to the cashier it's already there.

Chili dogs are the main event here and have been for many years.

The chili I must say has to made from a conglomeration of used motor oil, chili powder and meat. and made at a 3 mile island packing facility. I have never seen anything like this concoction.

Not saying bad. Just different. it doesn't drip, it doesn't move and the more you move the chili dog away from the mother ship of Pink's. it coagulates into a concrete type substance. You have to get used to this stuff. You have to remember that no one ever took that first sip of beer and said. "Wow, that's good". It is an acquired taste. I even held one upside down for a picture and not a drop spilled.

But what about those dogs. Nice and plump and have that snap and pop when you bite into them. I love that. A true sign of a good dog. Tasty stuff on a steamed fresh bun. They put a good stream of yellow mustard and onions on them before the chili. $2.85on the menu. Chili Cheese dog. $3.20.

Is it the best dog in LA? Maybe. there are to many variables between all of them. Pink's is kitchy and touristy with a late night Bukowski feel to it. You will have to decide that one for yourself. Some legendary eateries have a lot more going for them than just a hot dog.

I had two, Taylor had one. And after a few fries and a Bubble Up. we drove down to the Santa Monica pier and beached ourselves and waited for Sea World to come and pick us up.



709 N. La Brea
Los Angeles CA


KirkK said...

Oh yes, Pink's....I've never seen the place with less than, say a good dozen people standing in line.

Michael said...

Always a line at this place. It is such a controversial thing to do. rate hot dog places in LA. People are very passionette about they're dogs up there.

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