Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hoffy's Mean lean dog

We received an email last week asking if our staff here at the foodopilis test kitchen would like to try the newest hot dog from Hoffy. Of course we said "yes!" being fans of the company that makes the dogs for Pinks, Chronis and Cupids.

What else could we say. The product is an interesting one. An extra lean hot dog? The normal caloric count on a regular dog is around 170 calories with around 130 of them from fat!

This new dog from Hoffy comes in at 45 calories with 20 calories coming from fat! Could it be any good? The free dogs for sampling came with no strings attached. No mention of can you give them a good review or any mention of writing them up at all. We gathered the crew together and grilled a few off. You have to grill hot dogs to get that full summertime backyard BBQ taste and let all that fat in the dogs juice out. The big question was of course how would these taste and being so low in fat. How would they cook up? would they plump and have that fat sizzle out during cooking like a normal dog? After all in the food world the rule of thumb is no fat, no fun.
We also received a couple of packages of Hoffy's new 1/4 pound lean hot dogs.
These guys calorie wise weighed in at 110 calories with 45 coming from fat!! Cousin Joe added that These things had to be the equivalent of trying a Regular Coke and then drinking a Diet Coke. Both completely different products with completely different tastes. Could these even taste like a hot dog? As you can tell by the photo they plumped up and the casing cracked when grilled. and hang on here. Juice dripping out of them like a regular dog?

So far we were impressed. We stood around the backyard grill staring and poking them as if they were a new alien life form recently discovered.

We had the basic hot dog accoutrement's. Only yellow mustard, Dill pickle relish and Ketchup. Tasting crew consisted of eight people ranging in age from 16 on up.
We dove into them. I started out with a 1/4 pounder and I
immediately noticed after the first bite that it was juicy and had the texture and feel of an actual hot dog! I was very surprised indeed. A nice hot doggy feel to it. not mushy and cardboard tasting. It actually had some nice spices in it. A bit of smoke essence in them as well. and it tasted like a HOT DOG! No Regular Coke vs Diet Coke syndrome going on here. this dog you can put on a table and no one would or could tell the difference between these superb hot dogs and any other off the supermarket shelf brand. This to be sure is not a gourmet dog. And won't be replacing your Hebrew Nationals. But for those every weekend kids by the pool summertime feeling grillin and chillin days. these dogs will reign supreme. And your waistline and cardiologist will love them to.

I was definitely ready to give these dogs to the dog if they weren't any good. But after one taste. We gave her the Oscar Myers we had instead.
She was as happy with those as we were with ours.
Nice job on the dogs. We will definitely add them to our weekend grilling festivities.

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Henny A. said...

hi, i just found out about these hotdogs a few weeks ago and i'm so glad i did! i love hotdogs but the high fat content made them more of a cheat meal so i wouldn't eat them often. now however, i can eat these dogs like i do chicken breast. it's a great product.

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