Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mahi Mahi

So the dare was on. To see if the staff at foodopolis could make the dish I had at Olives in Las Vegas better than what was served. One on the top, the Mahi Mahi plate from the restaurant. $42.00. And below, Our version. $4.00 per serving. We at the foodopolis test kitchen had the same ingredient list as the Todd English version. We had pan fried polenta, carmalized carrots and butter braized prawns. Instead of the "Spice Market Sauce" we added a Mango salsa with some Wasabi mayonaise we whipped up.

I think that if you are going to use the name Mahi Mahi on your menu you should make the dish a little tropical. I mean after all Mahi Mahi is the Hawaiian name for this species of fish known as Dolphin fish or Dorado. I know that Mahi Mahi is more of an appealing name than Dolphin fish and I would bet you wouldn't get as many orders if you called it a dolphin. and also would have to answer a heck of a lot of questions like. "Is that really dolphin on your menu?"
Anyway, Just my thoughts.
Our version had a lot of tastes and textures going on. Fresh mango with diced jalapenos, Key lime juice and red onions for the salsa and just a simple mayonnaise concoction with wasabi whipped into it. We braised the prawns in butter and a small amount of garlic. Just to mix up the flavors a little. I will write down the individual recipes for our version soon.
I don't really mean to sound so negative about a really fine chef as Mr. English. But I firmly believe that if you go to an expensive or any restaurant that has a chef. It is the duty of that chef to tickle your taste buds and give you something that would be hard to duplicate at home. It can either be done with simple or elaborate ingredients as long as it works together. You just can't rely on your location for long term business. But then again. If your restaurant is at the Bellagio Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. Maybe location is everything after all?

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